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Krysten Ritter Is Having the Best Day Ever


You know how it is:

Wake up flawless.

Krysten Ritter waking up video gif

Practice yoga in the sunshine to awaken your mind and body.

Krysten Ritter yoga video gif

Lounge by the pool to work on your tan.

Krysten Ritter pool video gif

Sike! It’s more like: Wake up late because you hit the snooze button five times. Fall twice while attempting to navigate through the knee-high piles of snow in New York. Shudder at the thought of having to be in a bathing suit, and go for a third slice of pizza to comfort yourself.

But for starlet Krysten Ritter and her adopted dog, Mikey Mohawk (so cute, I honestly can’t), every day really is the best day ever—as it should be!

Adopting a dog means being a guardian and a best friend. Dogs aren’t lawn ornaments to be chained up outside and forgotten about or kept cooped up in a house all day with no supervision or attention. Your pups should be your best buds! They’re someone to go on walks with when you need to work off an accidental cookie binge or hang with when your human friends are being lame. If you ask me, I think every adopted dog deserves their own Krysten Ritter. :-)

In need of more cute canines in your life? Follow @officialpeta2 on Instagram to get your fix! 

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We're SO Excited This YouTube Mega-Star Doesn't Wear Fur!


Posing with her adorable cat, Zula, and wearing a trademark pink #OOTD, YouTube superstar, lifestyle blogger, and Zoella’s bestie Sprinkle of Glitter is the latest celeb to stand up for animals in her new ad for peta2 shot by photographer Paul Michael Hughes.

SprinkleofGlitter peta2 PSA

“You know those ‘crazy cat ladies’ who think of their kitties like babies? That’s me,” says Sprinkle of Glitter. “To me, cats are the most wonderfully loving, sweet animals, and the thought of wearing their fur is awful. I feel so passionately about this campaign and am proud to be a part of it.”

Here’s something to remember when it comes to buying clothing or accessories made with fur: Animals are not ours to wear.

It’s pretty simple! Animals need the fur on their backs—humans don’t. There’s no reason to wear real leather or fur when coats like these exist:

Vegan leather motorcycle jacket #ImSkinsFree

Every fur cuff, fur collar, or piece of fur trim comes at a pretty high cost to the animals who were killed for it. Foxes, rabbits, minks, and sometimes even dogs and cats (like Zula) often suffer in cramped wire cages before they’re beaten to death, electrocuted, drowned, or even skinned alive for their fur.

If you wouldn’t wear your cat—and let’s be real, you definitely wouldn’t—join Sprinkles of Glitter by not wearing ANY fur. ♥

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These 3 Ads Will Make You Never Want to Eat Fish Again


So you watched “Glass Walls” and decided to cut meat out of your diet. You go, Glen Coco! You could never look at a cute little pig or cow as food again. It’s still OK to eat fish, though, right? Nope! Wrong.

The U.S. fishing industry slaughters more than 6 billion fish every year. Fish are impaled, crushed, suffocated, or cut open and gutted—all while they’re still conscious.

These three celebrity ads will make you never want to eat fish again:

1. Imagine not being able to breathe. In her captivating ad for peta2, Les Misérables star Samantha Barks reminds fans that fish suffocate when they’re pulled out of the water.

peta2 Samantha Barks PSA

2. Scientists who study pain are in complete agreement that the pain response system in fish is nearly identical to that of birds and mammals. In other words, fish feel pain. They don’t want to suffocate on land any more than humans want to drown underwater. No one demonstrated this terrifying reality better than Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix in this eye-opening video:

3. I know I’m not the only girl who’s just a little bit obsessed with The Little Mermaid. Prince Eric is kind of a babe—just saying. How do you think Ariel would feel if you snatched her BFF Flounder out of the ocean and fried him up for dinner?! Not cool. To help prove the point, Daniella Monet transformed into a beautiful “mermaid” for one of peta2’s most memorable ads ever.

Daniella Monet "Try To Relate" peta2 PSA

Five awesome fish facts:

  • Some fish gather information by eavesdropping on others. Very sneaky. ;)
  • Many fish use tools. For example, some fish lays eggs on leaves so that they can be carried to a safe place.
  • Fish talk to each other with squeaks, squeals, and other low-frequency sounds that humans can hear only with special instruments.
  • Fish like physical contact with other fish and often gently rub against one another—similar to how a cat weaves in and out of your legs. So sweet! ♥
  • Some fish tend well-kept gardens, growing tasty algae and weeding out the plants they don’t like.

The best fish-free recipes:

Share this and let everyone know: Fish are friends, not food!

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peta2 Fish Are Friends sticker

Ariana Grande Shines a Spotlight on Shelter Dogs


It’s no secret that pop star Ariana Grande has a huge heart for animals. Aside from being vegan—not eating animals is pretty much the nicest thing you can do for them!—she is constantly posting pics of her adopted pups on Instagram and has even been seen sporting PETA merch in the past.

On the first leg of her current Honeymoon Tour, Ariana used packed shows in New York and Miami to call attention to some special friends.

Partnering with local animal rescue groups, she paid the adoption fees for a number of dogs and featured them on a screen during her performances. Fans who fell in love with any of the cuties could submit an adoption application and cross their fingers for a new furry best friend.

But adopting an animal is not something to take lightly. Ariana assured fans that everyone who submitted an application would be properly reviewed by the rescue organizations. As she explained on Instagram, “[T]he team will of course be making sure that the people who reach out will make a suitable family/home for the pups in need.”

With as many as 8 million cats and dogs entering U.S. animal shelters every year, adoption should be the only option you consider when bringing an animal into your life. Before you pick out the perfect companion, be sure to read peta2’s 15 Things to Think About Before Adopting a Dog and 7 Surprising Foods You Should Never Feed to Dogs or Cats.

Fill out the form below and pledge to always adopt your animal companions and to have them spayed or neutered. Together, we can help end animal homelessness!

Meet the Rescued Pup Who Stole a Kiss From Tom Hardy


Tom Hardy isn’t exactly known for being a sweetheart on screen. Roles like super-villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and post-apocalyptic road warrior Max in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road show that he has a knack for playing gritty, violent characters. But behind the scenes, his love for animals is enough to make you swoon. (See exhibits A and B.)

While filming Lawless in Atlanta, Hardy spotted a dog running loose on the highway and sprang into action—catching the dog, naming him Woodstock, and bringing him home to London. Now, Hardy is encouraging others to find their own “biggest fan” by adopting an animal.

Tom Hardy "Adoption Is Love" peta2 PSA

“[T]o me, a dog actually is the heart of a family in many ways, in life,” Hardy told Vulture in the fall. “A dog is important because its unconditional love is there, and it’s the hearth of the home. If a dog is there, and a dog is happy, … then you know it’s a happy home.”

I couldn’t agree more! Before bringing home your biggest fan, read peta2’s 15 Things to Think About Before Adopting a Dog and Seven Surprising Foods You Should Never Feed to Dogs or Cats.

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Miley Cyrus Wrote the Saddest Song About Her Blowfish


If you follow Miley Cyrus at all, you already know what a huge animal lover she is. Aside from going vegetarian—because animals are friends, not food—Miley posts all the time about her family of rescued dogs and cats.

Earlier this year, Miley was devastated by the death of her beloved blowfish Pablow, posting about the loss to her more than 20 million Instagram followers and even memorializing Pablow with a new tattoo.

Yesterday, Miley posted a video on her Facebook page in which she sings a heartfelt, emotional tribute to Pablow. The video shows her eventually breaking down in tears as she reminisces about her love for Pablow but also as she reflects on keeping an animal meant for the ocean confined to a tank:

How can I love someone I’ve never touched?
You lived under the water, but I love you so much.
You’ve never been on land, and you’ve never seen the sky.
You don’t know what a cloud is
Why did everything I love have to die?
They all wanted to see you be as big as you could be,
But I couldn’t let that be,
Thought keeping you small meant keeping you safe.
If I could do it again, I’d release you to the sea
‘Cause I can’t bear to see something so wild just die in a tank.

Fish from pet stores are captured from the wild or bred in captivity. They spend their lives in plastic bags or bowls that don’t provide the space or the oxygen that they need to thrive and be happy.

In honor of Miley and Pablow, please don’t buy fish or support pet stores that sell them.

7 Celebs Who Make Vegan Look GOOD


Beyoncé’s Internet-breaking announcement that her curves are courtesy of her 22-day vegan meal plan had us spinnin’ with our hands up. Obviously, a diet that is full of meat-free meals and not loaded down with dairy products is guaranteed to make you glow inside and out. Here are a few vegan hotties who know that tofu does a body damn good:

Travis Barker

There’s a reason the Blink-182 drummer prefers to stay shirtless behind the kit … because those guns.

Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons for peta2

If you’re looking for workout inspo on Insta, look no further than Miss Simmons’ account and get ready to hit the gym!

Daniella Monet

Our fave “lifestyle enthusiast,” Daniella stays healthy with fun, easy recipes like this Banana-Chia Seed Pudding.

Jona Weinhofen

Jona Weinhofen Vegan PSA

What more can I say? No caption could do that photo justice.

Miley Cyrus

We ♥ that Miley uses her voice to speak up for people and animals who need it. She’s a badass whose beauty is way more than skin-deep.

Jared Leto

Jared thanks his vegan diet for helping him bulk up for his upcoming role as the Joker. We’re also thankful, Jared. #blessed

Follow @officialpeta2 on Instagram to get more vegan inspiration!

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5 Reasons to Love Josh Levi


Most of the world first laid eyes (and ears) on Houston-born singer Josh Levi when he blew the judges away with his stripped-down version of Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get It” on The X Factor. If you aren’t a member of #LEVINATION yet, here are five reasons why you should get on board:

  1. Josh loves animals! Dogs, hippos, or dolphins—he believes that animals “have minds, they have brains, they have hearts of their own, and they deserve respect and to be protected and to be safe and to be loved.” ♥

  1. That smile …

  1. He knows that animals are not ours to wear. When it comes to wearing fur, Josh told peta2, “[I]f you’ve ever seen the process of an animal being skinned, it’s horrible.” Animals on fur farms are often electrocuted, beaten, drowned, and sometimes even skinned alive—all for a fashion accessory or an article of clothing. If you wouldn’t skin and wear your dog, don’t wear any animal fur!


  1. This cute little dance that he does with peta2’s (Not a) Nugget mascot.

Josh Levi Nugget GIF

  1. He wants you to get active for animals. Join the peta2 Street Team for easy ways to make a difference for animals every day!

Join the peta2 Street Team and Get Free Stuff! button

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How Long Could You Survive Inside This Hot Car?


Every summer, thousands of dogs suffer and die when their guardians leave them inside a parked car. It might be for “just a minute” while they run inside the gas station or pop into a store, but it could result in tragedy.

NFL free safety Tyrann Mathieu is a huge animal lover, so when he heard about the dangers of leaving dogs inside hot cars, he jumped into action. How long do you think you could last inside a car that’s baking in the summer heat? Five minutes? Six? Mathieu accepted the challenge—and the results are shocking …

Even on a mild 73-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 120 degrees in minutes. Dogs aren’t equipped to handle such high temperatures. Unlike humans, they can’t sweat to cool themselves off—and while you can take off your jacket or roll up your sleeves, dogs wear permanent fur coats 365 days a year. Animals can suffer and die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes, even with the car’s windows partially rolled down.

How You Can Help

  • If you see a dog left in a hot car, take down the vehicle’s information, contact local authorities immediately, and quickly try to find the owner inside nearby stores.
  • Don’t leave the scene until the authorities have arrived or the owner has been found.
  • If you have dogs of your own, leave them at home on hot days.
  • Share this photo on Facebook and Instagram to help spread the word.


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Kid Ink Speaks Out for Chained Dogs


Kid Ink knows that your animal companions are like family. The “Batgang” rapper is starring in a new ad for peta2 to remind fans that animals should never be chained up outside.

kid ink chaining ad© Robert Sebree

As evidenced by his peta2 “Ink, Not Mink” campaign, it’s clear that Kid Ink has a big heart for animals and always wants to protect them.

An animal isn’t an accessory to carry around or a lawn ornament to leave outside.

Chains are for bikes, NOT dogs! 🐶🚴🏽 #DogsOfIG #BanChaining #peta2life

A photo posted by peta2 (@officialpeta2) on

Your dog should be your best friend! Here’s how to treat dogs like family:

  1. Never leave dogs chained up or unattended outside. Your animal companions are part of your family and should be treated that way. Never leave them alone outside, where they could be hit by a car, get mauled by another animal, get stolen and used as dog fighting bait or for experimentation, or become lost or trapped. It’s OK to leave your bike chained up outside—not your dog.
  2. Go on long walks every day—and remember that this is your dog’s walk, not yours! Allow plenty of time for roaming, sniffing, exploring, and having fun.
  3. Give dogs healthy food and fresh water in clean bowls every day. Make sure you know which food is best for your dog, and steer clear of the seven dangerous foods that can cause serious harm.
  4. Groom your pups. You gotta keep your crew lookin’ fresh! Be sure to bathe dogs, trim their nails, and brush their teeth as often as your veterinarian recommends.
  5. Hang out together! This is a no-brainer, right? Buy or make fun toys to keep your dog entertained and happy, go for long walks and on car rides, play in the yard, etc.

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